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Housing Options for Physicians Relocating to Baltimore

If you are a physician who is relocating to the Baltimore area and you aren’t sure where to start when looking for housing options, SURE Rentals can certainly help. SURE specializes in making the relocation process seamless with short and affordable lease options for relocating physicians.

In this busy housing market, you may need a short-term place to stay while you decide if you will be moving permanently or while you wait to move into a new home. SURE Rentals believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort and convenience, even when you are in a rental.

No-Hassle Relocation Options

Moving is stressful. All of your life is packed away in boxes on a truck or in a storage unit, so it may be some time before you see things that make you feel at home. SURE Rentals offers a variety of short-term housing options, some of which are fully or partially furnished if you desire, to make it feel like a home away from home.

Housing options for short and affordable lease options for relocating physicians:

  • Apartments

  • Co-living spaces

  • Extended stay hotels


For the most privacy and a space that feels like home, you may want to consider a SURE Rentals fully-furnished apartment. With the option for a completely private space or at least a private bedroom in all apartments, you can make yourself feel right at home while you figure out a more permanent living situation.

Co-living spaces

If you’re looking to meet new people in the area and save some money, a co-living space might be a great option for your short-term lease. You will have a private bedroom but will share all living spaces, kitchen, and bathrooms with other residents. Co-living can be a great option for socialization after long hours at the hospital.

Extended stay hotels

If your schedule is unpredictable or you want the convenience of amenities like housekeeping and free WiFi, an extended stay hotel may be the best choice for you. SURE Rentals can help you find a hotel that meets all of your requirements and won’t break the bank. Click here to see our gorgeous hotels!

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Relocating to Baltimore? Click Here for short-term leases for relocating physicians in the area.

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