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Short and Affordable Lease Options for Travel Nurses

There are several options for short, affordable rentals for nurses traveling to John Hopkins Hospital, including apartments, co-living spaces, and extended-stay hotels.

The nurses’ dilemma of finding a short, affordable lease is real, but there are several options out there to provide a safe and secure home away from home. Keep reading to learn how travel nurses can find short, affordable rentals near John Hopkins Hospital.

Finding a Fully Furnished Rental for Travel Nurses

One of the easiest ways to find a fully furnished rental is to look for a reputable rental company. Unlike websites like Craigslist where many of the offers are too-good-to-be-true scams, rentals discovered by SURE Rental Company are truly short and affordable.

Before these services existed, travel nurses would have to rely on recruiters to find living spaces for them, and not all their needs were met. Now, travel nurses can find a space that fits all their needs, including:

  • Furnishing requirements

  • Type of living space

  • Amenities

  • Pet allowance

  • Move-in dates/duration of stay

  • Lease terms

Nursing is already stressful, and saving time and effort finding a comfortable place to stay reduces the workload immensely.

Short-term Housing Options Available

While you can often find leases for 12 months or longer, finding a place to stay out of town for 3 months at a time is not always easy. With SURE Rental Company you have several options for short, affordable leases in secure locations, such as:

  • Apartment

  • Co-living spaces

  • Extended-stay hotels

Most of these spaces are furnished and have plenty of amenities, and there are options in every budget.


Most short-term situations for apartments allow you to rent out a single room but share the kitchen area. Depending on the location, you may even have a bathroom to yourself.

These spaces come fully furnished with full kitchens and bathrooms that you can use, and you may have access to other amenities like:

  • Free wi-fi

  • House-keeping

In some areas, you may find whole apartments available for short-term leases.

Co-living Spaces

A co-living space is an area where you rent a single room but share the kitchen and bathrooms with a small community. This allows you to maintain privacy while still having access to communal areas like:

  • Living rooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Workrooms

Co-living spaces are a great option to save money and socialize.

Extended-stay Hotels

Extended-stay hotels are often overlooked, but they provide enough space without putting a giant dent in your finances. These spaces tend to have free wi-fi and housekeeping, and you have a wider range to work with for your budget.

Some hotel rooms have small kitchens or kitchenettes, and you can even bring along animals up to 60 lbs. Hotels may be more flexible for very brief or unspecified stays.

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Explore fully-furnished, short, and affordable lease options available to travel nurses.


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